Wants to become a woman with the biggest ear hole, now told how to make parents' boob

Wants to become a woman with the biggest ear hole, now told how to make parents' boob

There are many types of crazy people in the world. These days, there is a lot of discussion on social media about people who go to the extent of Tattoo Fanatic about tattoos. Some get their iris tattooed, while some do not leave a single inch of their body without ink. Apart from this, some people are also known for doing strange body modifications. The woman we are talking about today wants to become the woman with the biggest ear piercing in the world.

This woman, who wants to make this strange record, is also fond of tattoos. But its parents were very strict. They won't let him do that. Now this woman has shared with people after years how she had convinced her parents to let her get her first tattoo at the age of sixteen. Yes, he put up his mind and convinced his strict parents to get tattoos at the age of just sixteen.

want to complete the mission soon
America's Bianca Ferro is on a mission. This mission is to get the title of the woman with the biggest earlobe in the world. Right now, whose name is this record, his ear holes are 4 inches. But the length of Bianca's hole is now only 3.3 inches. But Bianca has full hopes that soon she will break the record and make it her name. Bianca's body and face are also tattooed with ink. He recently shared the beginning of his journey in an interview given to a YouTube channel.

The first tattoo made like this
Bianca told that her parents were very strict. He would never let her get a tattoo done. In such a situation, he made his parents an owl and got his first tattoo done. He convinced his mother of this. She promised her mother that she would get a tattoo done in a place where her father would never be seen. Bianca did the same and her father never got to see her first tattoo. But after this Bianca's interest in tattoos increased. He now made his father an owl. He requested his father to support him to get his first tattoo done. The father also agreed upon seeing so much importance. While he did not know that this was his daughter's second tattoo. In this way, Bianca gradually got tattoos made on many parts of her body. Along with this, she also started to enlarge the hole of her particle. Soon she will make the record in her name, she is sure of it.

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