Watch: A Horrible Cow Fight Injures Two Girls Having a Street Snack

The threat posed by stray animals has grown in importance in recent years. A disturbing event that was caught on camera recently showed two cows fighting, unintentionally disturbing the group of girls having a snack at a neighboring store. The video has been making the rounds on the internet, causing astonishment and raising questions about the safety of the girls hurt in the cow fight.

Watch this video:

Three ladies are seen calmly consuming some snacks at a nearby store when two cows abruptly dash into the scene, creating mayhem. This was captured on camera. Benches and doors fall, shop signs are flung, and the girls are knocked down in the chaos. The girl is buried under one of the cows, and a guy in a red T-shirt rushes to help and bring her to safety. Another guy, wearing a yellow T-shirt, approaches the cow to defend the girl, but his primary goal seems to be saving a cell phone.

After being posted by “Ghar Ke Kalesh” on X (formerly Twitter), the video soon gained a lot of internet attention and amassed over 1.3 million views. The video sparked a rush of responses from viewers in the comment area in addition to the views.

“Oh, how eerie! The fear of stray bulls has greatly increased in the modern era. Watch out for them. The boy’s bravery was evident, while the girl’s buddy was only observing. Fantastic!” one person said, while another voiced worry, saying, “This is terrifying to see.” It’s important to get the girl evaluated for internal damage.

“I hope the girls are okay; this is scary,” said someone.

“To reduce the threat posed by wandering cattle, the government should act strictly across India. One person emphasized, “They are the reason behind numerous accidents,” while another said, “The biggest issue in Uttar Pradesh.”

Many of the comments complimented the guys in the video for acting quickly to save the ladies. Bravo to the guys wearing yellow and red T-shirts. Courageous! Our roads will be so much better without strays, but I’ll receive a ton of flak for it,” a user said.

“Congratulations to the guy in the yellow and red shirt,” said another. They entered without giving their own safety a second thought. I’m hoping the children are secure.

One said, “At first I thought a yellow T-shirt guy came to save the girls,” in a lighthearted manner. nonetheless, the phone was the culprit! Brother has the correct priorities in place.

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