Watch: A pediatrician distracts a baby during an injection, garnering attention from the internet

Taking an injection at a doctor’s office is a certain way to make a child scream. Most children become grumpy in the strange and antiseptic setting of a doctor’s office. They now cry and grow much more agitated when they receive an injection. The shock effect is a major contributing cause to the baby’s anxiety, even if the injection doesn’t hurt too much. By diverting the youngster’s attention and surreptitiously giving the injection, pediatricians and nurses often attempt to lessen the agony of the toddler. A new video of a doctor easily giving an injection to a baby is getting a lot of likes.

In the video, a baby is being played with by pediatrician Dr. Imran S. Patel of the Asian Children’s Hospital in Ahmedabad. The infant chuckles in response to him. Then, while making sure the infant is staring at him, Patel gives the shot. The infant seems like it will start crying shortly after receiving the injection, but Dr. Imran quickly diverts the child’s attention. Without attracting the baby’s attention, he also covers the injection site with a bandage.

Since it was released on December 24, this video has received over 12 lakh likes. Many people complimented Dr. Imran in the comments for his kind interaction with the young patient. A person on Instagram commented, “Excellent work, Doc.” “Itne Pyar doctor more time me kyu nhi hote the..hmare time me to hum rote the to mummy papa along Marte the,” stated another individual. (When we were kids, we did not have such wonderful physicians. Our mother and father used to beat us whenever we wept back then. “Baby is still confused whether to cry or not,” joked one Instagram user. “I would say, let her cry but do the injection properly,” another person said.

A similar video that surfaced back in November 2019 shows a Scottish doctor using a syringe to draw blood while lulling a newborn to sleep by singing “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole.

The physician shown in the video was identified as Raigmore Hospital employee Dr. Ryan Coetzee. The doctor’s song captured the attention of the Down syndrome infant, who remained still during the medical procedure.

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