Watch: A Tamil Nadu bus conductor was beaten up for assaulting a female passenger

People are intended to be able to commute safely by using public transit. However, the majority of the time, these transportation systems have seen violent outbursts that leave residents wondering. Something unpleasant happened on a bus in Tamil Nadu recently. A gang of at least five males viciously beat a bus conductor, claiming he had verbally harassed a female passenger. The violent attack was caught on video by the bus’s CCTV system, and it happened in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. watch a tamil nadu bus conductor was beaten up for assaulting a female passenger u

The assailants can be seen pounding the victim in the CCTV clip, which has gone viral on social media. The victim is seen begging with the attackers to stop and attempting to defend himself. While some passengers attempt to pull the attackers off of the conductor and halt the assault, others just gaze in disbelief as the guys continue to beat him inside the packed bus.

An India[dot]com story states that Mookaiyan is the bus conductor’s name. After missing her stop at the Varaganeri Chulaikarai Mariamman temple, he got into an argument verbally with a female passenger. The route that the private bus traveled was Chathiram-Thuvakudi. There was an argument between the passenger and the conductor since he had dropped her off a little bit further than she had anticipated. Five men are said to have beaten him up when the bus returned to the Chathiram bus station, accusing him of misbehaving and verbally insulting the female passenger. The attackers reportedly made an effort to take the conductor’s cash bag after the attack. Eventually, several of the bus’s occupants shielded the victim from the assailants, forcing them to retreat and leave him alone.

According to the report, the conductor called the police and reported the five people. A complaint has been filed against the five individuals in response to the victim’s claim, and efforts are in progress to locate and apprehend them.

There was a similar incidence in Maharashtra a while back. A bus conductor in Pune suffered injuries to his head and neck after he was reportedly beaten by four persons for failing to purchase tickets and give up the women’s seats. A Times of India story claims that Nishan Singh, one of the suspects, reportedly used a steel “kada” (bracelet) to beat Maruti Jamdade, a bus conductor for Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML), requiring four stitches to his head. Later, the offender was taken into custody. He apparently boarded the bus with three of his coworkers and sat in seats meant for ladies.

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