Watch: An Odisha groom dances while perched on a roadside umbrella

Weddings are lavish festivities in India, and they wouldn’t be the same without singing and dancing. There are several customs and celebrations throughout the multi-day event. On the last day of the wedding, the surroundings change, and in addition to relatives and friends, the bride and groom are sometimes seen dancing wildly. We often attend to watch amusing movies from the nuptials, including the well-known Naagin dance.

Watch this viral video:

Recently, social media users have been captivated by a groom’s viral video. In the video, a guy could not control his joy as he danced wildly down the road during his wedding procession.

In the wedding procession on the road, Raja, the groom, began dancing with musical instruments while wearing a traditional Sherwani. He was seen dancing at the ceremony, ignoring the guests. His behavior suggests that he is content with his marriage. The humorous and intriguing video has received a lot of social media shares.

Instagram, a social networking site, has published the video under the username sambalpuriya_ame_. The person posted the video and said, “My friend finally married his crush.” It has had 3.8 million views in only two days, or 38 lakh individuals, and over 1.5 lakh people have loved the post. His amusing dancing skills made a typical wedding performance humorous for the online community. Following their viewing of the video, individuals left hilarious comments on the post.

While one of the social media users joked, “The poor groom loves his land and soil,” another advised that he reserve some movements for another wedding procession. A hilarious comment on another caption said that she can deal with death, but not with such a groom. “The bride will get to watch cartoons at home,” a fourth user said.

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