Watch: Girl Meets Her Boyfriend Outside Her Home Only to Be Discovered by Her Mother

Have you ever come across a film that causes you to pause and consider the possibility that what you just saw is real? One particular video, however, is making a lot of waves on the internet. In the widely shared video, a mom is seen angrily addressing another young woman and accusing her of trying to set up a meeting with her son. This particular kind of film has both confused and curiously amused viewers, igniting a flurry of online emotions.

Watch this video:

When a lady aggressively strikes another young woman who is riding her scooter along the busy street, mayhem is seen in the video. The fact that the mom thinks the young woman tried to set up a meeting with her son is what makes her so furious. She tries to explain herself, but she vehemently rejects the claim. The scenario becomes worse as the elderly lady seizes the scooter’s keys in the middle of the pandemonium.

“Ghar Ke Kalesh” posted the video on social networking site X, which was formerly Twitter. “Kalesh b/w a girl and her boyfriend’s mom (girl called her boyfriend to meet him but got caught by his mom instead)” was the caption that went with the picture.

The video has received a great deal of attention on the internet, with over 560,000 views. But the precise time and place are yet unknown.

One person said, “This is why young people leave India to live happily ever after,” while another pointed out that “classic women scuffle.” Happy Aunty refrained from yanking the girl’s hair.

One user said, “See, Mother isn’t kicking her son but this girl. Shame on this lady,” while another person said, “Still trying. What the hell is going on?”

Some users couldn’t help but add some humor to the situation among the abundance of replies that were filling the comment box. A humorous user noted that the milkman was in the video and said, “Milkman is milking the issue. Now he will be a local news reporter.” Another said, “What is a milkman’s role here?”

It was being suggested by several individuals in jest that the lover may have been the one behind the camera. One responder joked, “And her boyfriend took the video.”

“Mom believes her kid is not guilty. When two boys and girls meet, they…It comes from all angles.Oh my goodness, zabardasti khich ke Ghar se nhi lari thi. (She wasn’t pulling him against his will.) In any case, parents in India are incapable of accepting love.Though that may be true, if you go against it, you will suffer since a curse is worse. Chahe woh kitna bhi true ho if u go against barbaad tum hi hoge,” one person said poignantly.

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