Watch: Guy Realigns Dislocated Knee in a Matter of Seconds

A guy may be seen readjusting someone else’s dislocated knee joint in a video that has gone viral on social media. In the video, the wounded individual is surrounded by others as he cries out in pain. Individuals who get these kinds of injuries must be sent to the hospital. Medically inexperienced individuals cannot provide them with the expert help they need.

In the footage uploaded to Instagram by @masterchrisleong, the guy can be seen clutching his dislocated knee while lying on a muddy field. He can be seen in the video wearing shorts and having a fully dislocated left foot from the knee. A guy can be seen attempting to mend his legs in the footage. The whole episode was being watched in disbelief by everyone as the guy gently touched the dislocated knee. The wounded man yelled in agony as he carefully squeezed his knee and forced the bones in place. The internet sighed with relief as the guy realigned the dislocated knee.

Watch this video:

An experience like the one in the video is usually quite uncommon. Medical professionals are trained to quickly resolve such problems, and this includes paramedics, nurses, physiotherapists, and orthopedic physicians. Physicians employed by the national defense forces are seen demonstrating this level of skill.

The footage showing the dislocated knee is reportedly from Jakarta, Indonesia. Chris Leong is the man who mended the knee. Chris is a therapist who fixes dislocated, bent, and twisted bones using Chinese medicine. The video demonstrates how often he does this for himself.

In a matter of minutes, the video became viral, and viewers responded by leaving comments and requesting assistance. One thousand or more individuals left comments on the video. A commenter said, “It has happened to me numerous times,” in the comments area. It’s awful. I’ve always drained the blood by popping it back in myself before seeing the doctor. One other spectator said, “You are amazing,” complimenting the rescue effort. 33 lakh people saw the video. Considering the person’s degree of experience, another commenter said, “Remain composed, sibling; you are in capable hands.”

A few individuals who had identical knee dislocations reported requiring surgery to resolve the problem. The knee joint never recovered to normal, not even after surgery. To resolve the problem, psychotherapy and medication were required.

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