Watch: Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Groundbreaking Meta Quest Headset Travel Mode

In 2023, Meta unveiled Quest 3, their most recent virtual reality (VR) device. Not only is this an improvement over the Quest 2, but it also combines mixed reality and virtual reality, akin to Apple’s Vision Pro. This implies that while using the gadget, users may remain aware of their actual environment. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, recently unveiled a ground-breaking feature for Meta Quest headgear on Instagram. There is now a journey mode in Quest 3 and Quest 2, which is similar to Vision Pro. With this cutting-edge functionality, customers may transition while traveling from standard in-flight entertainment to mixed-reality experiences. Without the typical flight distractions, relax in your seat and watch a movie on a virtual theater screen bigger than the aircraft’s display, play games, or do unfinished business.

Watch this video:

Although Zuckerberg has previously made references to this functionality, his most recent article showed him showing people a preview of what it can do. The headset can be used conveniently when traveling thanks to its unique trip mode, which is especially designed for flying. In the video that Zuckerberg posted, the headgear functions flawlessly even while in flight and isn’t affected by the movement of the aircraft. The user may play games, shop, and stream music or films while in the air, according to the video.

One person commented, “I love how the jet has blue seats like Meta,” in response to the video.

“Bro, watching UFC in VR on a PJ is every man’s dream,” another person said.

One comment said, “Wow, that’s really amazing, Mark.”

Someone said, “Very helpful for those lengthy flights.”

“Well, that’s a great application. Maybe sell direct to airlines as an amenity?” said a second person.

“I get goosebumps when I see gadgets like this; it just shows how far we can go,” said another person.

As per Meta’s blog, imagine yourself on a flight where you have access to free Wi-Fi and a variety of movies and TV series that you can watch on your laptop or tablet. It’s possible that Your Quest may identify the airline’s Wi-Fi, ask you to connect, and start the browser on its own so you can relax and take in the show. You’ll also be able to access the stuff in your Quest library. You’ll have a steady and reliable experience in Travel Mode—even while staring out the window—because we specifically adjusted our algorithms to take into account the motion of a flight.

In addition to travel mode, Meta and Lufthansa, a German airline, have partnered to provide business-class guests with personalized mixed-reality entertainment. This includes a movie theater experience with a collection of films and TV series, interactive games, spatial video podcasts from well-known travel podcasters, and the ability to observe vacation sites from above.

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