Watch: The Internet Is Shaken By This Ugly Azerbaijani Mud House’s Inside View

An Instagram video of an Azerbaijani mud home has appeared. The mud house has the appearance of a poor person’s home. Everyone was taken aback when the video revealed the inside of the home. Everything was there, including a room heater and exquisite floor carpets. The main entrance of the property is hidden behind a white curtain on the front of the house, as shown in the footage. The roof of the home is made of tin. There were crimson carpets in the room as the videographer walked in. The space had a regal appearance because to the intricately patterned rugs. Numerous pillow and cushion patterns adorned the space. It features every standard convenience. On the left side of the first room is a room heater. There are additional mirrors, little artwork, and a vacuum cleaner visible when the cameraman walks into the second room.

Watch this video:

The whole home is roomy and well furnished in a minimalist style. The white drapes that hung from the windows let in an abundance of natural light, which created a stunning interior design for the property.

The home in the popular video is owned by a nomad who lives in an Azerbaijani hamlet, according to the description. The description said, “Azerbaijani folklore, traditional music, daily life of peasants and nomads, documentary film from Azerbaijani villages, and traditions of Azerbaijani villages.” Visit Arpachay’s Instagram page to see them all. Remain with us.

In addition to sharing their experiences in the comments area, several visitors also commented on the house’s appearance. A fan of the page said, “Very cozy, just like home.” One reader remarked, “Thank you for such beauty,” and another, “Never judge a book by its cover.” People wrote, “Subhanallah,” praising the house’s concept and design.

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