Watch the trailer for Animal and see how the captivating performance of Ranbir Kapoor has left netizens furious

Following the publication of the movie’s trailer only moments ago, the well-known “whistle” from Ranbir Kapoor’s forthcoming film “Animal” has made a reappearance on social media and is now dominating the internet. This time, the trailer broke all records for internet trends, giving viewers a closer look at Ranbir’s persona. Netizens could not remain composed and reacted angrily to the trailer and the performances of all the stars in the movie as soon as it became viral, quickly crashing the internet. Fans responded to every performer, from Bobby Deol to Rashmika Mandanna and Anil watch the trailer for animal and see how the captivating performance of ranbir kap

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. Some were enthralled with the plot that is being developed based on the teaser and the newly released trailer, while others expressed their sheer joy at seeing the performers giving it their all in the movie.

According to a user, “Ranbir Kapoor gave his all-time best performance in this trailer.”

“The trailer’s first section is astounding. Perhaps since Sandeep Reddy is familiar with every nerve in every organ of the general public, he is aware of the exact intricacies of how to pump adrenaline rush into the veins. He struck the nervous system once again,” said another.

“TOTAL MAYHEM,” said by a third party.

“#AnimalTrailer #DHAMAAAKEDAAR. #Ranbir Kapoor A BANG… I meant BOOM… All set for the EARTH SHATTERING start at the box office on 1st December 2023 #Animal,” a fourth person said.

A fifth individual said, “1 man with a machine gun vs. whole army-has a new definition.”

Another said, “It makes sense why Ranbir Kapoor was afraid after seeing the script because that was exactly how I felt when I saw the #AnimalTrailer.”

On December 1, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s “Animal” will open in theaters. The movie, which was produced for an estimated Rs 100 crore, stars a number of well-known actors.

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