Watch this amazing video of a guy risking his life to rescue a woman and her infant from a rushing river

A Brazilian guy named Marcos Vinicius saved a woman and her infant from a vehicle that was submerged in quickly rising floods in a heartwarming event that was caught on camera and posted on Instagram. Since being shared on the Goodnews Movement Instagram page, the captivating video has attracted a lot of attention.

Vinicius is seen in the terrifying image hanging onto the side of the car while the video, which was posted with the comment, “This hero in Brazil risks his own life to save a mother and baby just moments before their car is dragged away by a flash flood,” depicts the situation. He quickly grabs hold of the sobbing youngster who was delivered to him from inside the vehicle, making sure the child is secure. He has steely nerves. Vinicius hands the infant to someone else and then leans in to help the mother. Just before the automobile is completely submerged by the river, he somehow pulls her to safety.

The video was posted a day ago and has already received over 7.8 lakh views, around 37,000 likes, and a plethora of responses from Instagram users in the comments area.

“OMG! A commenter expressed how dramatic the rescue was by saying, “That was like the movie scenes where the car blows up right after the last person is rescued.” “Make this man the most popular dude in the world ASAP,” pleaded another commenter. Absurd!”

Commentators also commended Vinicius for his courage and calmness in the face of peril. One observer said, “He was so calm and patient,” while another gasped in relief and said, “Wow.” I’m very happy everyone is safe. Very terrifying.”

Marcos Vinicius has gained praise from people all around the world for his quick thinking and selflessness. In the video’s comments area, many people have hailed him as a great hero.

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