Watch this viral video of a policeman saving a monkey that died from a heatwave

India’s cricket season has recently ended after shattering several records. Additionally, this year’s summer is attempting to emulate a few players, with temperatures almost reaching 50 degrees and a half-century being possible. The highest recorded temperature in Varanasi till tomorrow was 48.8 degrees.

Humans are being dismantled by the summer heat, and incidences of individuals fainting have been reported. And it doesn’t only affect people; a chimpanzee that had collapsed from the heat was revived in a widely shared video that went viral online. The monkey became unconscious from the heat and a police inspector is seen in the footage doing CPR to save its life.

View the video here:

An Attempt to Save Lives
Tomar gave the unconscious monkey cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while displaying courage and compassion. His prompt and deliberate measures were essential to the animal’s recovery. To the amazement and relief of the observers, the monkey started to show indications of recovery.

A Sensation That Goes Viral
A witness recorded the dramatic rescue on camera, and it was swiftly circulated on several social media sites. The video captures a touching instance when human compassion crossed species and highlights Tomar’s incredible commitment to preserving the monkey’s life. Since then, the video has received millions of views, and people all around the globe have praised the cop for his bravery.

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