“We Don’t Care”: An Air India passenger shares a video and criticizes the airline for damaging a piano

Nobody wants to go through the trauma of having your bags “misplaced” or “damaged” on a trip. The growing number of instances in which airlines mishandle luggage has only made travelers’ fears more acute. A video that was recently shared online shows the upsetting moment when Parminder Singh Kukreja, an Air India passenger, saw his prized piano be damaged during a flight.

The video shows Kukreja, a committed musician, expressing his displeasure with the airline for damaging his prized musical instrument. “We are artists, we purchase, and we struggle.” I’m really dissatisfied with the service! I suppose that delicate tags and special handling are not used anymore at Air India or Ratantata. And what’s next?” he bemoaned in the description of the video, which showed a hole on one side of the piano with its outer covering still intact and covered with many “Fragile” stickers.

Additionally, he said that the airline denied any liability for the damage done to the piano.

After then, comments on the video became viral and expressed how disappointed they were with Air India. “@air India Perhaps that’s an everyday occurrence for you, but artists’ equipment is really significant and not something they take for granted,” one user said. “This is really disappointing!” said another. Are you really treating musicians this way when they travel a lot? Disgusting! @airindia.

The statement “@airindia this is not acceptable” was made by a third critic. I’ve had similar problems with my instrument. It seems as if they almost specialize in unpaid airline delays.Very bad customer service. I apologize, but it doesn’t seem like you folks will ever change. Letdown!

Some even questioned why there was a difference between the inside damage and the intact outside cushioning. One person said, “I guess pack with protective foam 🙂 and fit so that inside the case nothing moves don’t blame others i guess.” “Is the top side of your case properly padded?” inquired another. If it is, I’m certain that harm of that kind is unlikely. Or did they harm your keyboard by opening the case?

The video has received 440K views on the site since it was posted.

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