We’re Dying To Try The Chef’s Flying Noodle Recipe After Sharing Its Secret

Food experiments are all over social media; some include strange pairings, while others are popular for creating scrumptious meals. Vincent Yeow Lim, often known as Dimsimlim, is an Australian-based Chinese restaurant owner and chef. A few years ago, he gained notoriety by posting his signature dish, Flying Lobster Noodles, online. This meal isn’t really novel, but Vincent’s creative cooking technique made it quite popular.


Vincent was asked to appear as a guest on MasterChef Australia recently, where he demonstrated his abilities and shared the recipe for his specialty dish. Both the competitors and the judges were salivating over his meal as the scent wafted into the studio. However, many on social media also expressed their admiration and appreciation for the chef’s abilities.

“So what I’m doing here is rolling the noodles into the chopsticks,” says Vincent after picking up a bunch of noodles with disposable chopsticks. He is heating the oil on the side in the meantime to make sure it is at the proper temperature for his meal. The chef states that “if it’s too hot, the noodles will burn before it flies and if it’s not hot enough, it will fall down before it flies” while discussing the appropriate oil temperature. He pours the oil over the noodles to help them stay on the sticks once it reaches his desired temperature.

“I’m just cooling down the noodles now,” he continues. They will ideally crisp up and take off once they cool. Everyone in the studio cheered for him as he showed the finished product at the end, showing the noodles flying with the chopsticks for support. As this is going on, one of the competitors remarks, “You’re a wizard, Vincent,” clearly astonished by his abilities. He is MasterChef Australia’s Harry Waker.

One person commented on the video, saying, “He’s so amazing and his recipes are so good.”

“Wow,” said another, pleased by his food. It’s something I’ve seen on social media before. Very remarkable.

Someone said, “Bro, this looks so good.”

“I’m also salivating. A remark said, “I want this.”

Another person said, “Well done. This is incredible.

“I never knew flying noodles were a thing,” a user inquired.

Another one said, “Absolutely phenomenal.”

The video was uploaded on Instagram by MasterChef Australia, and since then, it has received over 8 lakh views.B

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