When a man books a hotel in Bengaluru only to discover that it is still under construction, MakeMyTrip and Oyo come under fire from the public

Not for the reasons you would expect, MakeMyTrip and Oyo, two of the largest travel-related businesses in India, have garnered significant attention on social media. As it happened, the cause was quite uncomfortable for them both, as a guy landed up at a hotel that was still under construction. The aforementioned individual spoke about the experience on social media, when he used both brands to book a hotel stay in Bengaluru. The guy was shocked to learn that the hotel he had reserved was undergoing renovations, however. People were indignant over the message right away, calling it a “scam.” when a man books a hotel in bengaluru only to discover that it is still under cons

TheChanceSeeker account published the message on X, a social networking site that was once known as Twitter. “@makemytrip & @oyorooms scam alert in Bengaluru,” said the caption on the photo. I just arrived and discovered that the hotel I had reserved is undergoing renovations. Not a single live person was present. This is essentially lying! Two hours of wasted time later, they deducted money from my return. Disgrace to you!

View the post that went viral:

Both businesses noticed the issue and replied to the post a few hours after the event started making the rounds on social media.

The guy recently provided an update on the progress of the reimbursement. Update: Representatives from MMT and Oyo have contacted me via phone and email many times. Despite not yet appearing in my account, the return seems to have been handled. Will provide an update here as soon as it happens,” he said.

As soon as the post was shared, it quickly became viral. While some individuals referred to these frauds as “regular” and noted the sharp rise in their frequency, the majority of respondents cited personal experiences and harshly criticized the two businesses involved. A few days ago, the post was shared and received thousands of views.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. “MakeMyTrip is overcharging for awful hotels at outrageous prices. A customer stated, “I suffered on my last trip that I booked with them.. despite complaint, nothing happened.” “In Bangalore, cheating is common for OYO rooms that cost less than 1500 per night. The hotel administration will want payment in full or your cancellation when you arrive. A second person remarked, “You would be lucky to get a clean room as in the published picture.”

This is typical of Oyo. The second guy responded, “I once made a hotel reservation, but when I got there, they told me the hotel had closed a month earlier. I had the same problem with booking ID ZWX41529, @oyorooms. At the time, I had no idea that I could file complaints about it. Because of the construction, the whole hotel seemed like a cement factory, and the elevator wasn’t operating,” the next person commented.

“I experienced the same thing in Bangalore two years ago,” the next person said. “Oyorooms is an untrustworthy and dishonest company. There have been several occasions in which a reservation was made for ‘x’ amount, but upon arrival at the hotel, additional payment was requested. Imagine that occurring at night with you, remarked a second person.

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