When the child returned home from school, the dog hugged him

When the child returned home from school, the dog hugged him

The relationship between a human and a dog is very special. But the dog contributes more to this relationship. We can have deceit, deceit, or cunning in our minds, but a dog loves us without any deceit. That's why he becomes our most loyal friend. The happiness that a dog feels on seeing his master, may not be in the mind of humans. These days a video is going viral in which a dog is probably showing love for his owner's son (dog hug kid viral video) and starts shaking his tail happily as soon as he comes from school.

Twitter account @TansuYegen is famous for posting interesting and amazing videos. Recently a video has been posted on this account in which love is being seen between a child and his pet dog (pet dog hug kid returning from school). We may think of animals as ignorant, but the truth is that they know who is a child and who is a big one, that they are in danger and the stories are not, who loves them selflessly, and who has some cleverness inside. Is.

dog hugs the child
In the video, a child gets off the school bus and crosses the road, and starts moving towards his house. His pet dog is seen standing in front of him, who starts shaking his tail after seeing him. As the child approaches, the dog's happiness also increases. When he comes very close, the dog stands on both his hind legs and hugs him by placing the next two legs on the shoulder of the child. You will definitely get emotional seeing the love of both.

People commented on the video
This video has got more than 13 lakh views, and many people have given their feedback by commenting. One said that his dog used to do the same thing when his son returned home from school. One said that after seeing this, how can anyone hate dogs?

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