Which Way Is Fastest For Learning? Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder of Mamaearth, Offers Helpful Advice

Ghazal Alagh, a co-founder of Mamaearth, engages readers with insightful pieces on learning, achievement, and life. Recently, the business owner started a crucial discussion. Alagh provided a much-needed and “quickest way to learn” in a post on the microblogging platform X, which was previously known as Twitter. She went on to mention four instances in her life when she voluntarily placed herself in awkward circumstances while giving the advice.

In a recent article, Ghazal Alagh encouraged individuals to go outside of their comfort zones. “I will give credit to, what has shaped my life, putting myself in uncomfortable situations,” the business owner said.

Alagh shared personal experiences of embracing discomfort as she continued to promote facing one’s anxieties head-on. The individual shared their experiences of “starting up,” “going to New York alone when I haven’t left the city alone in a long time, dropping non-medical to pick up the computer, and taking up corporate training with no experience or training.”

The proprietor of the beauty goods business uploaded a message that sparked a wave of responses on social media. “The fear of losing is not allowing one to get out of their comfort zone,” posed the question in Alagh’s comment area, where a user was looking for guidance. Would you kindly lead the way for me? Another commenter voiced his own thoughts, saying, “Trying new things can occasionally come at the expense of focus, especially when building a business.” How do you strike a balance between the allure of attempting something new and the need to consistently create the same thing? Initially, the opportunity cost doesn’t appear to be evident.

The businesswoman recently revealed her novel strategy of adhering to the “no digital distraction rule” on Sundays. Rather, she reads and spends time with her family. She went on to discuss the practice’s advantages, mentioning that it improves our ability to connect with ourselves. In a previous post, Alagh also spoke about how the “100-hour rule” might help people learn new talents quickly and build skills outside of their comfort zone.

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