With a Golmaal twist, BTS ARMY Imagines Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, Jin, Jhope, And Suga’s 2025 Comeback | Viral Video

Should “imagination and creativity” has a face, the BTS ARMY undoubtedly would be it. Even though BTS, one of the most popular South Korean bands, is in the military, its supporters know how to sometimes get their guys to become social media sensations. The ARMY has done everything, including dancing videos and humorous made-up situations, and they have done it all with correctness and perfection, if we may say so. The fans once again let their imaginations run wild in this new video that is making the rounds on the internet, and the outcome is this joyful reunion of Jungkook, V aka Kim Taehyung, Jimin, RM, Jin, Jhope, and Suga. In addition to envisioning the eagerly awaited return, the fans gave the whole situation a “Golmaal” twist.

The user “_myluv_bts” posted the video to the social networking site Instagram. “Pov: Bts grand entry in 2025” was the caption on the photo.

The band’s performance of their song “Permission to Dance” during the “United Nations General Assembly” served as the basis for the shortened version’s video.

After becoming viral, the video received comments from viewers. While others merely stated their wishes to see the band reunite as soon as possible, others praised the editing and the ARMY for their efforts and talents. The dance in the modified version of the video was also adored by some. The post was posted a while back and has received 96K likes to date.

Using the comment section, users expressed their opinions. A user commented, “Just waiting for this moment.” “I wish I had a pod to sleep in, or something.” Another individual said, “I would have just slept in it and woken up immediately in 2025 when the members would have returned.” “This is very excellent. A third person said, “I really liked the edit, apart from the fact that I would love to witness them make a return like this.

A fourth user said, “Just waiting for this moment BTS coming back in 2025.” Wonderful mice editing. The lads’ video editing skills are quite impressive when it comes to the Indian BTS Army. A fifth individual praised the Desi Army, saying, “I think they can have a really good career in all of this.”

“My seven souls and K-pop Kings will be returning soon.” “I’m waiting for them,” a sixth individual said. Another said, “This entry will make history in the future.” “Someone, please tell me when this time comes,” requested another.

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