Woman Accused of Being Conned Out of Rs 56K While Attempting to Purchase World Cup 2023 Final Ticket From “Scammer”

These days, internet frauds are rather prevalent. Another similar example included a lady who disclosed on ‘X’ how she was conned out of Rs 56,000 by another woman. Everything began for ‘X’ herself when she came across a post from a female who was trying to sell tickets. And I believed her to be sincere after speaking with her. The “X” user added, “I went ahead and exchanged numbers and paid a significant sum of money for these tickets, which I subsequently found out aren’t even worth that woman accused of being conned out of rs 56k while attempting to purchase world cup 1

The lady said she thought these tickets were worth the money since they were of a nice block, which is why she thought they were. Her companion, on the other hand, discovered that these tickets were phony and that information about them could be acquired online. “My heart broke right then and there.” The lady said, “She’s blocked me everywhere now.

The lady is now unable to locate her “X” account. “I’m going to try to get my money back by going to the police.” Kindly be careful not to fall for these kind of frauds,” she stated.

She used this to send screen grabs of her chat with the con artist.

How naive can someone get? “And how wealthy can your parents be if you didn’t feel guilty or worried before sending $56,000 to an unknown person on Twitter without any evidence of her existence?” a “X” user said. “My parents will disown me if they find out I paid 56K for a ticket,” another commenter said.

Another person said, “so flaunting dumbness is the latest method to increase Twitter reach these days.”

Many others conjectured as to whether the screenshots are authentic. A user named “X” said, “Why are people trying to make fake scam stories?.”

A writer in Delhi, however, was purportedly conned previously after meeting a lady on a dating app and going on a date with her. He settled a bill at a restaurant in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden that totaled more than Rs. 15,000. The journalist said that a female from Bumble had contacted him and begged to meet in Rajouri Garden. He consented to After taking him to a pub, where she purchased a couple drinks for herself, he was given a bill for Rs. 15,886. After paying the bill, the lady departed the pub, saying she was traveling with her brother and could not be reached. This was revealed by ‘X’ user Archit Gupta on the microblogging platform. At that point, the journalist realized the girl had conned him.


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