Woman constructs her own laptop after denying handing her niece hers

Instead of grumbling when a mother refused to let her niece play on her laptop, she found a creative alternative. Do you know what it was? She, however, built her own ‘laptop’. You did read it correctly.

The girl’s aunt, Neha, posted images of the homemade ‘laptop’ on social media. They have, as was to be expected, gotten a lot of momentum and reactions on X. While many people thought the ‘laptop’ was charming, others were brought back to their own childhoods when they used to make gadgets out of cardboard boxes.
X user Neha shared two images of the laptop her niece made and commented, “My niece asked for my laptop, and I said no so she spent 3 hours making her own laptop,” when sharing the information on the microblogging site. The girl’s cardboard-built laptop may be seen in one of the images. The laptop’s screen was painted black by the girl. There was much interest in the keys. It had buttons for emojis, games, zoom, writing, and selection.

The other shows the child using her brand-new ‘laptop’.

Look at these images of the ‘laptop’:

On October 1st, the tweet was distributed. Since then, it has been seen more than 2.5 lakh times, and the figures are constantly rising. The share has also garnered a lot of comments from other users.

People’s responses to this tweet were as follows:

Someone wrote, “The keys.”

“Cute,” said another.

“And now you are the one asking for her laptop, right?” said a third.

Why would you reject your niece, I ask? stated a fourth.

Five laughed and said, “This laptop is really great. At least Windows updates won’t be ongoing.

A sixth person wrote, “Petition to switch from the normal keyboard to the image keyboard.”

A seventh person joined, saying, “Those button ideas are lit.”

“I recall building a laptop out of cardboard from TV boxes when I was a kid. It was a lot of fun. an eighth was posted.

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