Woman Puts Up a “Fake Hit-And-Run,” But the Outcome Surprises Her!

A lady arranged a “fake hit-and-run” on a busy street with a specific “questionable” ploy in mind, but the outcome was not what she had anticipated. On a street, an old lady using a walker was seen waiting for a car. She picked a car and tried to make it seem like a “hit” by walking into the bonnet. The driver left the scene after the lady pretended to fall over the side of the car, but the “accident” didn’t appear like an accident given the woman’s leisurely pace and the automobile’s very low woman puts up a fake hit and run but the outcome surprises her 11zon cropped

The identical video was posted on social media and quickly gained popularity. The video was posted under the username “Pubity” on the social media network Instagram. “There’s no way” was the caption on the post.

For a variety of reasons, the post was circulated and quickly became viral. Some praised the woman for potentially causing mayhem, while others felt the ploy was funny and labeled it as “not well-thought.” Many others praised the driver’s response, calling it appropriate, while some voiced worry about the woman’s motivations for using such a drastic measure. A few days ago, the post was shared, and it received 224K views.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. One user commented, “The way the car drove off like, get away from me with this.” Another said, “The driver was like, I got no time for this bs.” Another commenter said, “I’d sue her for hitting my car.” No less. A fourth individual jokingly said, “Took 4 business days to go through the process.” I’m sorry Americans find this amusing. A fifth person said, “I wonder what made her desperate enough to do this.”

A sixth individual said, “Just happened to be filming old ladies just in case?” “To be honest, I’m curious what the thought process was,” said a seventh user.

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