Woman Slams Car Door, Strikes Driver, and Leaves Like Nothing Happened

Videos of individuals acting strangely in their regular lives may be seen all over the internet. Even while a lot of these videos seem silly and innocent, others might potentially be really dangerous. One of them is a recently popular video that serves as a reminder of the value of exercising mindfulness while doing the most common behavior. The video, which was posted on X (previously Twitter), shows a startling occurrence in which a passenger opened a vehicle door while driving at a high speed. On a busy road, a lady opens a four-wheeler’s door suddenly, causing it to collide with an autorickshaw. This Wednesday afternoon event in Karnataka was captured on video by the dashboard of another car.

The lady passenger is seen in the video cutting quickly through traffic, opening the vehicle door and crashing it into an oncoming auto rickshaw. After the collision, the lady tries to casually shut the car’s broken door, as if she doesn’t realize how much trouble she created. The autorickshaw stops to assess the damage in the meanwhile, and the lady leaves the scene quickly without saying sorry or admitting her conduct.

The event gained widespread attention very fast and sparked a variety of responses in the comments area.

The video has received over 93,000 views since it was uploaded. Both the lady and the taxi driver have been blamed for the collision by commenters. While some contend that the driver ought to have warned the passenger before she opened the door, others hold the lady solely responsible for her irresponsible actions.

“That door is gone, lol! need extensive repair. It’s the taxi driver’s fault, in my opinion. It is never appropriate for drivers to urge passengers to exit on the right side of the road. A user made the remark, “Always park your car on the left side of the road and advise passengers to get out via the left door. One passenger said, “Cabbie should have warned passengers about overtaking traffic before a brainless woman opened the door.”

When it’s not their own car, passengers often behave in this way. One viewer said, “It’s admirable that the taxi driver used good judgment by parking the vehicle on the left side instead of pulling over in the middle of the road to resolve the issue.

In fact, I see this more often in Bengaluru, where people exit automobiles and taxis via the right side door—and sometimes right in the center of the road. We are often always instructed to exit on the left,” another commenter said.