Women Act Possessed in a Moving Train; Internet Calls It “Staged”

There are many different kinds of films on the internet, some of which challenge our common sense and logic. Many films that purport to show hauntings, paranormal activity, and possession have been refuted by rationalists. However, there are moments when we can’t resist wondering whether these films contain any real information. We provide a video clip that may cause you to question the veracity of the content. A moving train is shown in the footage with what seems to be two possessed ladies inside.

Watch this viral video:

The video starts with two young girls sitting with other passengers in a train cabin. The train is traveling from Jammu to Kathua, as the caption makes clear. It seems to be a coach for common classes. The females suddenly start acting strangely, starting with looks on their faces that give the impression that they are trance-like. Then, while the other begins to make weird growling sounds and rock back and forth, one of them begins to squirm her body into an odd posture. The striking thing is that none of the other passengers seemed to be uncomfortable with the two women’s peculiar behavior.

Despite the video’s frightening content, most viewers do not accept the idea of possession. While some users referred to them as self-centered drama queens, others acknowledged that this was a well-thought-out strategy to get out of the TT. The elderly folks beside the window were reportedly unwilling to get up from their window seat no matter what, according to another amusing remark. In fact, a lot of people thought the whole video was faked, with the other passengers being complicit. This is because the majority of the passengers don’t seem to be bothered by the unusual behavior shown by the ladies.

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