You have five seconds to find the crocodile hidden among the green iguanas

Let’s begin our next exploration of optical illusions with a visual exam that should be entertaining and cognitively stimulating. Even if they are difficult to solve at first, these problems often leave us wondering how we failed to see the apparent answer when it is presented. The task for today asks participants to find a hidden crocodile in a photo. The surprise is that the crocodile is disguised amid a pack of green iguanas, making it difficult to tell the reptile apart from its surroundings. But those with good vision and quick minds will definitely succeed.

Even while it would seem unlikely to find the crocodile in the first five seconds, a close inspection and concentrated attention to the image might quickly reveal the answer. Thus, give the picture a close look and see if you can identify the reptile in the allotted time.

Your five seconds are up now, so take a moment to look at the image. Have you been able to find the crocodile? Congrats to everyone who completed this task successfully; you should be commended for your astute observational abilities. Don’t worry if you were unable to locate the reptile—we have the answer for you. It was really difficult to complete the task in the allotted time.

Are you still perplexed about where the crocodile went? Examine the bottom left corner of the image closely to see the green reptile hiding among the iguanas, almost blending in with their appearance. In order to help you even more, we’ve highlighted the location of the crocodile’s hiding place in the image below.

Did you not find it to be a fun exercise? These visual quizzes are entertaining as well as mental stimulants that improve cognitive function. Look for more mentally stimulating activities to enhance your cognitive abilities and enjoy the process of learning.

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