You will be shocked to see the extent of carelessness

You will be shocked to see the extent of carelessness

The child is the biggest joy and responsibility of life. His parents protect and take care of him all his life. Every parent wants to keep the moment-to-moment information of the child. From getting up to sitting on the playground, parents keep a close watch on them. The reason is clear they don't get hurt. There should not be anything that gives them more pain. But such a video is going viral on social media, seeing that you will not be able to believe that a parent can be so careless.

You will be shocked to see a video shared on Twitter page @sirajnoorani. The video is being told in Ningbo, China, where a girl falls down trying to peek out of a car parked at a red light, and the driver, unaware of this, pushes the car forward. Later, the vehicles coming from behind applied the brakes and a man picked up the girl in her hand. The girl is fine for now.

Passers-by saved the life of a girl who fell from the window of the car
According to the South China Morning Post, the incident took place at a traffic intersection in Ningbo, a city in eastern China, south of Shanghai. Where the incident with the girl was captured in the cameras installed. It can be clearly seen in the video that a small girl tries to peep out of a white car, only then the red light turns green. And at the speed received by the car, the girl falls down. What was even more surprising was when the driver did not apply the brakes to the car even after the girl's fall, but the vehicle overtook after catching the speed. Later the vehicles coming from behind saw the girl and stopped her speed. People got out of the vehicles and ran towards the girl and a person immediately picked her up and took her to the hospital.

The girl fell from the car and the people in the car did not even know
The girl was not hurt much. She was fine but her parents left her alone on the road and left. This pain frightened the girl more. So she was crying like a badass. Whoever saw this video on the Internet, his anger broke out against the parents and the driver, who did not even realize that the girl had fallen from the vehicle. Didn't they feel awkward when the window space was empty? Or how the sound of something falling from the car didn't force him to turn back or stay? Whatever the reason, nothing can be more extreme than this.

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