You’ll be envious of the Microsoft employees’ office with its nap rooms and multi-cuisine cafe

Global corporations with opulent offices and generous benefits for their staff members include Microsoft and Meta. A bunch of Microsoft workers recently flaunted their Hyderabad office space by participating in the widely popular “of course” craze. The movie showcased a number of the office’s amenities, including free vending machines, sleep rooms, shuttle services, an abundance of business merchandise, a multi-course lunch, and more. The workers also mentioned how their employment enables them to “work from anywhere” and promotes a healthy work-life balance. This video has received more than a lakh likes so far. The 54-acre Microsoft India Development Center is the location where the film was shot.

The Microsoft India Development Center Instagram account commented on this video, saying, “It’s a post by our Microsoft employees, of course it’s gonna be wholesome!” “We aren’t Microsoft employees, ofc we are jealous,” jokingly said on Instagram. Another said, “Show this video to make students more motivated to study hard during college—instead of boring corporate presentations.”

It’s interesting to note that a lot of people criticized Microsoft for its significant layoffs in recent months in the comments area. An Instagram user mockingly said, “We are Microsoft employees-of course we can get laid off anytime,” in order to illustrate this point. Another said, “We have job security and all these privileges, of course we are JPMorgan Chase employees.”

The Microsoft India Development Center is an energy-efficient facility with a “LEED Gold Certification for one of its buildings,” according to Microsoft’s website. According to the website, the campus has amenities such as a fully-stocked gymnasium with trainers, yoga and aerobics classes, air-conditioned bus services with WiFi access, a landscaped 800-seat outdoor amphitheater, 24-hour ambulance and pharmacy, and ATMs.

While businesses such as Microsoft create rules and facilities that support their workers’ healthy lifestyles. Some businesses have come up with pretty unique strategies for providing for their employees.

at 2022, plywood producer Koyoju Gohan and Japanese furniture expert Itoki Corp. worked together to create a “nap box” that would enable an individual to take a little sleep at their workplace. Many people were surprised by this “nap box,” which looked like a coffin.

The head of communications at Itoki, Saeko Kawashima, told Bloomberg that many individuals in Japan lock themselves in the toilet for extended periods of time, which she believed to be unhealthy and provided context for the product’s importance. It is preferable to sleep in a cozy environment.

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