You’ll chuckle at this exchange between a guest and hotel staff

People’s first thoughts when they think of Australia are of kangaroos. Many Australians find this connection humorous, despite the fact that it reduces their large nation to just one native animal, which irritates many of them. A recent post on social media featured an Australian traveler recounting a humorous and endearing experience she had with a hotel employee.

The traveler said that she talked with a service member who had arrived to drop off her suitcase while she was checking into her hotel room. The service member asked her where she was from as he was setting down her bags, and she replied that she was from Australia.

The hotel employee replied, “Kangaroo,” and switched the TV in her room to ABC Australia, Australia’s national broadcaster. Vietnam is said to be the location of this occurrence.

The lady choked back a giggle as she recalled this exchange, adding, “The hotel guy arrived to drop off my luggage. I replied that I was from Australia when he inquired where I was from. “Hmm, Kangaroo,” he muses, before switching to ABC Australia on the television. This video was first shared on TikTok, but it’s now making the rounds on social media. Recently, the Australian website published it on Instagram. Since it was uploaded on February 14, this video has received over 74,000 likes.

Many others urged the lady to give the hotel employee a huge gratuity in the comments section for his outstanding “customer service.” An Instagram user made this point by writing, “you better tip him handsomely.” “That Kangaroo was hilarious but such a thoughtful person,” said another. The employee’s actions were praised on Instagram by a fan as “10/10 customer service.”

“Well, the ABC is a cute touch, but that is pretty much as far as most people’s knowledge about the weird lil far off country,” one account said. “Awwwww that’s so sweet,” said a Mexican individual who described the response they get from others about their nationality. When I tell people I’m Mexican, they usually respond with “tacos” or “mamacita.”

“Hey, if kiwis are acceptable for people from New Zealand, I don’t see why it can be the same for Aussies with kangaroos,” remarked one Instagram user. New Zealanders are called “Kiwis” because the bird, the kiwi, is endemic to their country.

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