You’ll chuckle at this video of a man trapped in a hammock on a moving bus

The days of commuters bothering other people on public transportation are long gone. There are a lot of videos that are going around the internet that show the same thing. Travelers are involved in unlawful activities such as performing stunts, fighting, and making dancing films, which disrupt other passengers. Some people simply won’t cooperate, even after being warned repeatedly and subjected to harsh measures. The same scenario was recently shown in a video of someone hanging inside a hammock while riding a bus. Social media users are split about the strange video, which was shared on X (previously Twitter) on May 13.

Watch this video:

The bus conductor and the passenger may be seen fighting on camera. The traveler was bundled up in a hammock that had a blue hue. Two ropes that were knotted on the opposing corners of the railings held it in place. The commuter ignored the conductor’s request for them to get out of the hammock. They got into a verbal altercation as spectators giggled at the strange thing they were seeing. The weird circumstance escalated as the individual began spinning within the piece of material and enveloped himself with the hammock from both sides. He went back and forth with the conductor after two haphazard spins. The message that went with the post said, “Hammock on the bus?”

The video quickly sparked reactions from X-users. Some laughed it off, while others were offended by the man’s improper behavior. As one commenter put it, “It’s funny even though it’s wrong.” One person suggested a simple solution, saying, “Scissors would’ve fixed that issue right away.” “Sever the strap,” a second person joked. There was a funny comment that started, “OMG, I haven’t laughed this hard in years!”

The video has received over 49,000 views on X so far.

An earlier video of two guys fighting inside the Delhi Metro went viral. Such incidents are not unusual on the Delhi Metro; similar altercations between passengers appear on social media almost every day. The other passengers on the packed metro saw the two guys pounding one another in disbelief in the specific video that was posted on X.

The two males did not seem to be stopping when the video suddenly stopped. A traveler attempted, but was unable, to break up the brawl.

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