You’ll Laugh Out Loud at Anupam Mittal’s Reaction To Man’s Self-Talk About “Bro Is Playing Reverse Uno With Self.”

In the rapidly changing world of the internet, where trends appear and go instantly, a strange incident has left online users puzzled and entertained. Anupam Mittal, the CEO and creator of, noticed that someone had seemed to be having a single chat with himself or herself.

In a post by on February 5, an Instagram user named Vivek expressed his annoyance at the incessant barrage of couple reels that were overtaking his feed. He asked, “Ye saare couple reels mere hi feed mein kyu aate hai (Why are all these couple reels showing up on my feed?)”

The reason for the intrigue that ensued was because Vivek barred anyone from leaving comments on his page. Rather, he just said, “Hey, why are you getting jealous?,” to himself. Vivek carried on the discussion, saying, “Yeah, buddy, I’m jealous because there’s still no wife despite being such a big green flag.” In response, he said, “Why though? However, you’re such a devotee of Taylor Swift! At the very least, there must be a speaking stage.

“Bro, now I don’t want to go to the talking stage, I want to go to the marriage stage,” Vivek said as he wrapped up this self-interaction.

Vivek’s self-interaction became viral as soon as it was posted on social networking site X (formerly known as Twitter). It was so noticeable that Anupam Mittal, the creator of and a Shark Tank judge, took note of it. “Shaadi Dot Com comment section is something else,” Mittal commented. Adding even more comedy, he said, “Bro is playing reverse Uno with self.”

Not only Anupam, but many other internet users also tried their hand at humor, creating memes all over Vivek’s post.

Currently, Anupam Mittal may be seen in the business reality television program Shark Tank India. It functions as the popular American television program Shark Tank’s Indian equivalent. In the show, company owners present their concepts to a group of investors referred to as “sharks,” who decide whether or not to fund the businesses. The judging panel also includes Anupam Mittal and a number of other well-known investors, such as Aman Gupta, co-founder of Boat, Vineeta Gupta, CEO of Sugar, Peyush Bansal, CEO of Lenskart, and a few more.

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