Zomato’s Strange Answer to a Customer’s “Marriage” Question Has People Online Wondering, “Kehna Kya Chahte Ho?”

Indian businesses are more often attempting to handle fundamental operations via the use of artificial intelligence (AI). However, as this technology is emotionless and follows preprogrammed guidelines, caution is necessary while using it. Something similar seems to have happened with Zomato, where the company’s answer to a lighthearted question from a client seemed to be nothing more than a play on words.

It all started when Bengaluru-based Zomato user Shobhit Bakliwal brought up a concern about the operation of the app. Bakliwal noted that the application did not allow for future changes and forced users to provide their birthdates and wedding anniversaries. Bakliwal wondered aloud about the effects of remarriage on Zomato’s anniversary date policy on the social networking site “X.” He said, “What if someone gets married again?”

Because of its oddity, this question received a response from Zomato’s official customer service account and went viral.

“Oh, anniversaries don’t get “edit”? We had no idea Zomato would turn into a marriage advisor! Zomato said, “We’ll just have to celebrate their culinary commitment with extra flavor and maybe a side of confetti if someone decides to “remarry” their meal.” Zomato Care seems to have talked a lot but shown very little. But don’t worry, everyone was confused and had trouble understanding it.

“This is the impact AI has on your company. One user said, “Zomato used to be known for its clever and tacky marketing.” “This is directly from ChatGPT. Hehe, said another. A third warned, “For the love of god, if you have spent ten years building a social brand as great as @zomato, don’t ruin it overnight by plugging LLMs (Large Language Models) into it.”

The original poster even included a picture of Zomato’s reply, stating, “Bhai kehna kya chahte ho.”

Zomato announced the launch of Zomato AI in September 2023. Zomato AI is a customized chatbot designed to help users choose the food products they want to eat.

It’s unclear at this point if the answer was caused by AI or anything else, but one thing is certain: it made people chuckle.

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