Bid Adieu To RTO Exams: New Driving License Regulations In India Take Effect On June 1st

There will be major changes to the process of acquiring a driving license in India as of June 1.

People won’t have to take a driving test at the Government Regional Transport Office (RTO), according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Rather, exams and the required documentation for a driver’s license will be administered by private driving schools. Hindustan Times claims that by phasing out almost 9,00,000 old government cars, this move seeks to expedite the process and promote the use of greener energy.

By updating the documentation requirements, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made the process of acquiring a driver’s license simpler. The paperwork required to get a driver’s license varies according to whether the applicant is requesting a four- or two-wheeler license.

The requirement for in-depth physical exams at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) is decreased by this simplified procedure. Driving training facilities are required by the ministry’s new requirements to have a minimum of one acre of land.

But they need to have at least two acres of ground if they are going to be testing drivers for four-wheelers. These centers also need to provide sufficient training facilities. The trainers must possess a high school degree or its equivalent, five years of driving experience, and familiarity with biometrics and IT systems.

In terms of training, these centers must provide 29 hours of instruction over four weeks for Light Motor Vehicles (LMV), which consists of 21 hours of hands-on training and 8 hours of theory. 38 hours of instruction, including 8 hours of theoretical and 31 hours of practical training, should be given over the course of six weeks for heavy motor vehicles (HMVs).

The new laws state that the cost of issuing a learner’s license (Form 3) is Rs 150, with an extra Rs 50 for either a repeat test or the learner’s license exam. The price for a driving test or retest for an individual is Rs 300.

A driving license would cost Rs 200 to obtain, while an international license would cost Rs 1,000. There would be a 500 rupee fee if someone needed to add another car to their license. Note that renewing licenses without the training would come with a hefty Rs 5,000 cost for driving schools.

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