Rajesh Mehta’s Journey From Selling Gold in Shops to Owning a Rs 13,800 Crore Company

With more and more creative young entrepreneurs starting businesses every day, the startup culture has become very popular in India. Alongside this expanding trend, reality TV programs like Shark Tank provide ambitious business owners a platform to get funding and the essential marketing help they need to grow their startups.

A few decades in the past indicates a radically different environment for young people who want to start their own businesses. These entrepreneurial people had to forge their own paths by pure hard work in a period without startup culture, becoming shining examples of inspiration for today’s youngsters. Rajesh Mehta, the owner and executive chairman of Rajesh Exports, a business that has grown into one of India’s top gold exporters, is one such luminary.

Rajesh Mehta, who is originally from Gujarat, finished his education in Bangalore. He wanted to be a doctor when he was younger, but his father, Jaswantari Mehta, had other ideas. When Rajesh was only 16 years old, his family moved to Karnataka to start a jewelry company, and he started helping them while still attending school. He put forth a lot of effort and sweat while working with his elder brother to grow the family company.

Eventually, Rajesh Mehta plotted his route and left to start his own firm. He obtained an 8,000 rupee bank loan, with his brother contributing an extra 2,000 rupees. With this 10,000 rupee loan in hand, he started his business venture in 1982. He first concentrated on acquiring jewelry from Chennai and selling it to consumers in Rajkot, Gujarat. Although he started off modest, his growing popularity eventually convinced him to start selling jewelry to Gujarati wholesalers.

Rajesh Mehta continued on his entrepreneurial path by expanding his company to Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. But a crucial turning point in his career came in 1989 when he switched to gold jewelry and started making it in a modest Bengaluru garage. These painstakingly made items were sold on worldwide markets, including those in Kuwait, the US, Dubai, Oman, and Britain.

Rajesh Exports Limited now has a market value of $13,800 billion. Rajesh Mehta’s creative approach has resulted in the creation of gold refineries in both Switzerland and India, further consolidating his status as a pioneering businessman on a global scale. This incredible journey is not limited to the boundaries of India.