Jasnil Kumar of UP wins the second crorepati for “KBC 15”

Season 15 of the reality quiz program “Kaun Banega Crorepati” has included Jasnil Kumar from the United Kingdom as its second Crorepati. Jaskaran Singh from the Punjab was the first Crorepati.

Jasnil, 36, comes from Anwak, a tiny hamlet in the Azamgarh area of Uttar Pradesh. He is employed for a clothing retailer. His wife, two children, grandpa, mother, and father make up his family. Additionally, he has two sisters and four younger siblings.

Your present dream is to develop a nice home, host and megastar Amitabh Bachchan inquired of Jasnil in episode 29 of the program. Do you have any other wishes?

“Sir, like I told you, it’s not like I don’t think about myself,” he retorted. In addition to wants, I had dreams. I wished I had nice clothing on while I was studying. I also want to go.

Both of the wishes have been granted, according to Big B. You made the trip to Mumbai. You also have nice clothing (pointing to the blazer the actor gave Jasnil).”

We’ve always struggled with money at home, according to Jasnil. My father had a very little salary. Once I had a job, I could make do. I made an effort to support my family with the money I made, whether it was for the family farm or my younger siblings’ schooling.

Jasnil, may your wishes come true, said the actor as he wished him luck. You have put a lot of effort into both your life and this game. Your childlike demeanor shows your heritage and portrays your innocence. People in your area, at work, and in your life have been good. And in life, innocence counts. I think so.

I have a lot of responsibility as the older son, stated Jasnil. Even if I tried, it may take me a lifetime on this wage. KBC is a platform that I can use to drastically alter my family’s financial situation. I will build my home into a permanent construction with whatever prize money I get.

The presenter then posed the Rs. 1,000,000 question to him.

Whose leftover wealth from a yagya was utilized by the Pandavas to replenish their treasury and carry out the Ashwamedha yagya, according to the question?

The choices were Vikarna (A), Marutta (B), Kubera (C), and Likhita (D). Jasnil received the prize of Rs. 1 crore for providing the right response, which was Marutta.

The actor of “Sholay” fame was then passionately held as he shouted out in joy. Jasnil showed respect for Amitabh by lying down and touching his feet.

The last question, worth Rs. 7 crore, was then posed by Amitabh: “Leena Gade, an Indian-born race engineer, is the first female to win which of the following races?”

The choices were as follows: One: The Indianapolis 500 B: Le Mans 24 Hours C: Sebring 12 Hours Grand Prix of Monaco.

Jasnil correctly identified option B—24 Hours of Le Mans—as the correct response. He had no remaining lifelines and was unsure of the solution, so he made the decision to leave the program and pocketed Rs 1 lakh in compensation.

Jaskaran Singh, a native of the border-adjacent little Punjabi hamlet of Khalra, was the show’s first crorepati earlier.

Jaskaran chose to give up the game after earning one crore rupees since he was unable to respond to the question involving seven crore rupees. Big B had applauded his choice to leave the game at the dangerous stage.

The seven-crore question posed to Jaskaran was: Which ruler, according to the Padma Purana, was cursed by a deer and forced to spend a hundred years as a tiger? Kshemadhurti, Dharmadatta, Mitadhvaja, and Prabhanjana were the suggested candidates. Prabhanjana was the right response.

Sony broadcasts “Kaun Banega Crorepati 15.”

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