Muslims are warned by Nitish about the RJD-Congress “plan” to reinstate “jungle raj.”

Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, warned Muslims on Tuesday against the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), a member of the ‘INDIA bloc, and warned that if the opposition alliance were elected to power in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, “jungle raj” would return to Bihar as it was prior to 2005.

Speaking at election rallies in Madhepura and Araria, where voters would cast their ballots in the third round on May 7, Nitish said that the state of the madrasas where Muslim children had previously studied had deteriorated and that even the teachers had not received regular pay. “When we took over the state of Bihar in 2005, we made improvements to the madrasas there. He listed the welfare initiatives the NDA administration in the state has carried out, saying, “The teachers assigned to teach the students have been getting their remuneration on time and have been provided benefits of government’s schemes.”

Rival communities used to engage in combat with one another under the “pati-patni” era (RJD rule). These conflicts were put an end to when we took office. Furthermore, he added in an effort to garner support for NDA candidates in the Lok Sabha elections, “fending work of approximately 8000 ‘kabristans’ (where dead bodies are buried) was done as part of phase-wise plan to stop communal clashes and encroachment of graveyards.”

The chief minister made fun of RJD leader Lalu Prasad and his family by claiming that, in contrast to his adversaries in politics, he didn’t advance his family members in the political sphere. “There are no politicians in my family. There are dynasties in the opposing side, however. Nitish said, “He entered politics himself first, then elevated his sons and daughters to the position of CM.

He said that the NDA will get more than 400 seats in the Lok Sabha and stated that Prime Minister Modi has committed to supporting the state’s development efforts with the federal government. In order to establish a stable administration, he urged voters to cast their ballots without regard to caste.

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