Andhra Pradesh: 33 cases are lodged in three districts, and CS sends a SIT report to the ECI

The Election Commission of India (ECI) received the preliminary report from Chief Secretary KS Jawahar Reddy’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Monday. The SIT looked into the violent incidents that were reported on May 13, the day of voting, and the aftermath in the districts of Palnadu, Tirupati, and Sri Sathya Sai.

Many of these offenses were deemed to be “extremely serious in nature because a multitude of miscreants brazenly participated in the offences as two groups, pelting stones indiscriminately, which potentially could lead to serious injury or even death,” the 13-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) concluded after its two-day investigation.

Numerous shortcomings in the inquiry were also pointed out by the SIT, which also directed the investigation officers to provide a compliance report as soon as possible.

SIT chairman Vineet Brijlal said in the 150-page report that 1,370 persons were listed as suspects in 33 cases that were filed in the three districts in relation to violence linked to polling.

The SIT sub-teams conducted a comprehensive review of the cases filed and the investigation completed thus far. They did this by going through the records, visiting the scene of the offense, speaking with investigation officers and the parties involved, confirming the physical evidence gathered, witness statements, and determining whether or not the relevant legal provisions were followed. They also confirmed whether or not all incidents were registered as cases, whether or not the accused were arrested, and whether or not they were.

Violence in polls

Palnadu has 22 instances.

4 The Tirupati

Seven Anantapur

Accused named in 1,370 FIRs

731 were found.

639 that are not yet known

124 people detained

94 notifications were issued

Authorities instructed to expedite any outstanding arrests.

A total of 1,370 individuals were mentioned as suspects in all 33 instances; 124 of them were arrested, and 94 of them received notifications under Section 41A of the CrPC. The report states, “The relevant investigating officials have been directed to finish the accused’s pending arrests as soon as possible.

Investigation officials were directed to submit documents in the relevant courts requesting the addition of relevant provisions of the legislation, and special teams were established to locate and detain the pending accused at the district level. The report was sent in by Vineet Brijlal to the DGP, who then forwarded it to the Chief Secretary and the ECI. The district SPs in question were instructed by the DGP to conclude the inquiry in cooperation with SIT sub-teams upon receipt of the SIT report.

It has been learned that the SIT’s preliminary report may serve as the basis for the ECI taking legal action against the negligent authorities for their inability to stop the poll violence and for their shortcomings in the case investigation.

Recall that, under the ECI’s instructions, the DGP established the SIT to examine the cases filed and the state of the investigations into violent occurrences recorded on election day and in the State’s aftermath.

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