In a few minutes, TN Governor Ravi closes his speech by criticizing the DMK leadership for not “respecting” the national anthem

On Monday, Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi interrupted his usual speech before the legislature, claiming that the planned speech had many portions he disagreed with.

There are several portions in this speech that, for factual and ethical reasons, I vehemently disagree with. It would be a constitutional farce for me to give my voice to them,” he said, before wishing the parliament a fruitful and constructive debate that would serve the interests of everybody.

The governor said that he had been told repeatedly to honor the national anthem by playing it at the start and conclusion of the speech, but that advice had gone unanswered.

The Governor omitted parts of his usual speech in January of last year, which included references to Ambedkar and Periyar, among other Dravidian stalwarts.

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