New snowfall on the Sirmaur district’s summits, including Churdhar

On Friday late at night, the district’s high-altitude elevations, including the 11,965-foot Churdhar Peak, had their third big snowfall of the season, providing much-needed reprieve and breathtaking splendor to the area. Churdhar currently has around six feet of total snow accumulation after six inches of new snow fell today.

Today’s high was 6°C, while the lowest was -4°C in the upper elevations of the Sirmaur area. In Nahan, the district headquarters, the lowest temperature was 10°C, while the highest was 16°C. In addition, it was noted that the industrial zones of Kala Amb and Paonta Sahib saw the lowest temperatures of 11°C and high temperatures of 18°C.

Many locals were happy to see the snowfall, especially farmers and apple producers, even if it caused road closures and power outages in some places and disturbed everyday life for others.

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