PM Modi is only a mask: Rahul Gandhi launches a verbal volley in the ongoing spat over Ambani-Adani

Congressman Rahul Gandhi launched a new attack, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is only a mask (Mukhota) who plays several parts, much like Bollywood performers.



A video of Rahul Gandhi was uploaded by the Congress on its official X (formerly Twitter) account. The Gandhi scion is heard criticizing PM Modi in the video, referring to him as “merely a mask.” He continues, saying that PM Modi plays a variety of roles, much like Bollywood stars, such as diving under the ocean, piloting a sea jet, and so on. PM Modi is called a “hollow man” by Rahul.


The “puppet king” of “tempo billionaires” is PM Modi.
Rahul Gandhi mocked Prime Minister Modi on Saturday, referring to him as a “tempo billionaires” and a “puppet king.” “Narendra Modi is a monarch, not the prime minister. Gandhi said in the Hindi post on X that the “tempo billionaires” control the strings of this “puppet king.” He criticized Prime Minister Modi for saying that “Adani and Ambani” were giving the Congress “cash loaded in tempos.”

Additionally on Saturday, the Congress leader said that he or party chairman Mallikarjun Kharge would be pleased to participate in the public discussion after Rahul and PM Modi were invited by two former judges and a well-known journalist. He also expressed the hope that PM Modi would accept the offer.

It is my karmabhoomi, Raebareli.
Rahul Gandhi said on Monday that he will be running from Raebareli rather than the Lok Sabha seat in Amethi since Raebareli was the “karmabhoomi” of his “two mothers,” Sonia and Indira Gandhi. Speaking at an electoral gathering at the Gandhi citadel of Raebareli, Rahul remarked, “A few days back, when I was sitting with my mother, I told her that I had earlier said in a video that I had two mothers (Sonia and Indira)”.

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