UP: A man addicted to online gaming kills his mother in order to collect insurance money and pay off debt in Fatehpur

An internet game addict from Fatehpur murdered his mother in a tragic event in order to use insurance money to pay off his debt.

According to a police video, Himanshu was detained by the Fatehpur police for allegedly murdering his mother in order to get an insurance settlement of ₹50 lakh and burying her corpse close to the Yamuna river bank.

Himanshu reportedly has a gaming addiction on the well-known Zupee platform. Due to his addiction, he had to borrow money in order to keep playing after suffering many losses. He eventually discovered that he owed creditors close to ₹4 lakh. This made him come up with a brutal scheme.

According to the police, Himanshu took the jewelry from his paternal aunt and used the money to buy his parents each ₹50 lakh worth of life insurance. He then supposedly killed his mother Prabha by strangulation when his father was abroad. Then he used his tractor to carry her corpse to the Yamuna river bank, placing it in a jute bag.

Himanshu’s father, Roshan Singh, returned from the temple in Chitrakoot to find his son and wife gone. He found out from a neighbor that Himanshu had been seen operating a tractor close to the river after scouring the area and going to his brother’s home, where they were also not present.

After alerting the police, the corpse was found close to the Yamuna River. Quickly, Himanshu was taken into custody. He said during questioning that he had a horrifying scheme to kill his mother in order to pay off his debt.

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