“Chappal Tutgaya”: An Indian Cobbler Assists a Russian Influencer in a GoViral Video While Speaking Fluent English

Many bloggers go to India and engage in conversation with locals. Some make an effort to assist others, pose inquiries, and create memories while there. Influencer Mariia Chugurova, from Russia, recently posted a video on Instagram detailing her wonderful experience with a local cobbler in India. The charming exchange between Mariia and Vikas, the cobbler, is captured in the film. The audience was pleased with the video.

Mariia is seen clutching her shattered sandal in her hands in the widely shared video. She says, “Chappal tut gaya,” which translates to “my sandal is broken,” to Vikas, the cobbler. Vikas goes to work rapidly, mending her sandals. The influencer inquires about the cobbler’s name and years of experience while the repair is being done. In response, Vikas states that he has been employed for the last 26 years. Mariia emphasizes throughout the talk that this kind of service is not available in their nation of Russia: “If you are broke with your shoes, you will walk with your broken shoes.” The cobbler’s reasonable repair fee of only Rs 10 pleasantly pleased her. With a charming “dhannyavad” (thank you), she thanks you. The cobbler (Vikas) converses with Mariia in flawless English, which is the nicest aspect of the film.

This video was posted by Mariia on her Instagram account, @mariechug. In the caption, she satirically narrated her encounter, writing, “Mochi helped a Russian kudi in a difficult situation.” I had to deal with the worst betrayal of footwear today. In the midst of my stroll, my reliable slipper had enough and staged a spectacular breakup. Like a lost participant on a survival show, there I was, trapped, one slipper on, one slipper off, trying to figure out my next move.

“But, of course, India always has a way of turning potential disasters into quirky adventures,” the author said as she wrapped up her essay. Here comes my shoe rescuer, a guy whose ability to mend slippers was so exceptional that he might have passed for a superhero in the shoe industry. My slipper was back in action in no time, and it was probably stronger than before!

View the whole video here:

Three days after it was uploaded, the video has received over 68 million views and a plethora of comments. Internet users applauded the cobbler’s abilities and expressed admiration for his command of English. “Uncle’s English,” a user wrote. Another person wrote, “Respect for Uncle.” “I adored the gentlemen. A third person wrote, “Educated, cultured, humble, simple.” “You are an incredible uncle,” said a fourth.

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