This Mumbai Police Officer Has Won The Chaleya Trend, Move Over Everyone Else

Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan’s most recent movie, has redefined success in Bollywood. The movie is not only grossing a sizable sum at the box office and breaking all previous records, but it is also winning over people all over the world. Along with its captivating plot, Jawan is very well-known for its music, with Chaleya emerging as a major hit. Videos of fans excitedly imitating Shah Rukh Khan’s dancing routines from the song Chaleya are widely shared on social media sites. A Mumbai police officer who was seen dancing to the song’s catchy rhythms went viral, adding to the craze.

Police officer Amol Kamble can be seen in the trending video sporting an orange t-shirt, black cargo trousers, black athletic shoes, and chic matching sunglasses. He does elegant dancing steps that are flawlessly timed to the rhythms of the music, duplicating the choreography. “Stepping into the spotlight with some trendsetting moves!” he wrote as the video’s caption. It’s a certain that these movements will make you want to dance as well.

It is reasonable to conclude that this dancing video is now a worldwide phenomenon. The video has gotten over 1.2 million likes and an astounding 9.2 million views since it was released on September 1. The video has received positive reviews around the web, and viewers have shared their opinions in the comments area.

User: “Winner of the trend.”

Another person said, “Sir, I have a little idea. Visit a movie theater, and as this song starts playing on the big screen, dance along with Srk. It’ll drive people insane. Rarely have people in Mumbai police spotted dancing at this age.

“You proved it in the right way that age is just a number by your amazing performance,” read one of the comments.

A viewer said, “Sir, this video made my day.”

Shah Rukh Khan plays two parts in this magnificent work of film, accompanied by Nayanthara’s dominating performance, Vijay Sethupati’s alluring presence, and Atlee’s brilliant direction. Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara are featured in the original music video for Chaleya, which was choreographed by Farah Khan.

The song was performed by Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao and was written by Kumaar and Anirudh Ravichander. On YouTube, the song has received 110 million views.


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