In the metro, a man imitates the Beqarar Karke Hume Yun Na Jaiye scene from Jawan

Fans will always remember Shah Rukh Khan’s character Azad from the movie Jawan dancing in a subway to the song Beqarar Karke Hume Yun Na Jaiye. One of these fans recreates the incident while riding the metro, as shown in a video posted on in the metro a man imitates the beqarar karke hume yun na jaiye scene from jawan d

The video was published by choreographer and Instagram user Anmol K. “I made my own #Jawan moment. What’s yours?” he asked in a post accompanying the video. He is seen standing inside a metro carriage when the video begins. He is seen with a pair of sunglasses on and is dressed casually. Soon, he replicates the scene’s hook steps used by SRK.

Four days ago, the video was posted online. It has received close to two million views since it was released. People have also left a variety of remarks in response to the sharing.

What comments did Instagram users make about this dancing video?

A user on Instagram said, “Kya baat hai sirji, SRK style [Wow, SRK style].” Another said, “This is entertaining.” “Awesome bro,” third joined. A fourth made a joke about a line from the movie, “Good to go chief!” One more commented, “This is lovely.”


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