Purchasing Shoes Using a Laptop for Work? Peak Bengaluru Moment: A Woman Managing Multiple Tasks Like a Pro

The emergence of “Work From Home” rules has both advantages and disadvantages, particularly since the epidemic began. Even while working from home in pajamas is comfortable, many people’s work-life balance has begun to suffer as a result of this habit. Every moment of the day appears to be infused with work, whether it’s over lunch, the toilet break, or even grocery shopping. This was well shown by a recent instance that happened in Bengaluru, when a lady was seen attending a meeting while perusing shoes at a shop.

Karthik Bhaskara posted a photo of the woman choosing shoes while holding her laptop, captioning it as the ideal “Peak Bengaluru” moment. The caption said, “I saw a person shoe shopping today in ⁦@peakbengaluru⁩ while attending a team meeting on her laptop.”

As expected, comments flooded in. While some saw the scenario as humorous, others emphasized the drawbacks of such hazy borders. “These are the kind of people who made companies rescind Work From Home policies,” bemoaned one user. Such a depressing situation. It gives the idea that people in India don’t value hard labor.

A third person said, “This shows exactly how toxic the workplace and the managers and founders must be,” while another quipped, “Deciding which shoe to throw at organizer of such useless meetings.”

The idea that there was nothing to celebrate was repeated by many. One person said, “Bangalore is shining for all the wrong reasons lately.”

One more expressed disapproval of the rationalization of such actions, saying, “I’m not sure this is something to be proud of.” Some prominent figures in business may argue that work-life balance doesn’t exist! That person ought to put in more time at work. This must end. It concerns people, not robots. “Most of #peakbengaluru is actually dystopian,” said a third.

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