We’re Not Joking: This Pakistani Boy Looks Amazing Wearing Makeup

Makeup is considered an art form by many. Some see makeup as only a technique for enhancing their natural beauty, while others use it as a platform for self-expression, experimentation, and exploration. This little Pakistani kid attempted and was successful at doing just that. This boy’s incredible makeup abilities have impressed people all around the globe. Makeup artist Talha Zulfiqar posts images of his creations on Instagram under the handle @talhaarts23.


In his most recent instructional, he paints his face to resemble a canvas filled with human emotions using cosmetics. The young makeup artist creates expressions of brokenness, overwhelm, love sickness, and paranoia via her meticulous application of makeup. His video demonstrates his assured and precise use of highlighting, contouring, and eye shadowing.

The title said it all: “Emotions inspire my makeup.” 483,000 people have seen the video on the social networking network. The little boy’s ability was praised extensively in the comments section. One person said, “You are doing well! Continue as you are. Someone else said, “This kid is awesome.”

Another user commented, “Talented kid.”

We come across a lot of great artists on social media. Mimi Choi, a Canadian artist, rose to fame last year by creating frightful and sometimes fascinating illusions using makeup.

The viral video showing her slashing her face in two horizontally left the internet perplexed (an illusion, of course, not reality). Her meticulousness makes it very challenging to distinguish between what is true and false.

“The verdict is accurate. After sleeping in it for days, you can’t imagine how relieved I was to finally be rid of this delusion,” the post said.

Mimi always tries to deliver her most creative ideas, even though it’s customary for makeup artists to showcase their finest selves. She could transform her face into your favorite junk food, a demon right out of a horror film, or occasionally even just a simple flower.

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