Fans Are Talking About Lee Jae-wook’s First Instagram Post Following Breakup With Karina

After going through a quick on-again, off-again period, people have lately started talking about the relationship between South Korean actor Lee Jae-wook and K-pop diva Karina. The pair allegedly broke up a few weeks after announcing their relationship because of the emotional strain brought on by hurtful remarks on the internet. Fans were talking about this a lot, starting with the controversy that arose when they decided to break up abruptly and then acknowledged their connection.

Lee Jae-wook published his first Instagram post after the split, revealing that they parted ways for reasons that are only known to them. Photos from his most recent photo session, which was featured on the cover of Singles, Korea, are included in the article.

Fans fell in love with the actor’s seductive looks as soon as the photographs were released, and others couldn’t help but note the hilarious parallel between the title of the photo session and his relationship status at the time.

In light of his recent split with the Aespa actress, many responded to the photoshoot’s title in the comments section. “LMAO…NOT THE TITLE BEING SINGLES??” was written by a fan, and “Wow, but the magazine’s name broke me lololololol” was noted by another.

Another joke said, “Bro went on the cover of Singles magazine after getting a breakup.”

Some even came out in favor of him, complimenting his new appearance and advising him to stay away from the offensive remarks. It is fortunate that Jae Wook is unaffected by those hated detractors; you are light, Jae Wook, therefore shine constantly. “These people who are hateful only wish to use someone as special as you,” a supporter said.

What transpired between Karina and Lee Jae-wook?

The actor from Alchemy of Souls and Karina’s separate agencies both acknowledged their relationship in February of this year. The members of Aespa also expressed regret for withholding the information from their supporters. According to reports, the pair started going to frequent meetings after meeting at a Prada fashion show in January of this year.

They called their quits on their romance five weeks after becoming public. The actor decided to concentrate on his business, according to Lee Jae’s agency, which confirmed the split and said they would still support one another professionally. “Actor Lee Jae-wook made the decision to break up with his girlfriend in order to concentrate on the job he is now shooting. The two will continue to be supportive and excellent coworkers. In the future, they will extend cordial greetings to their supporters via their own channels. Kindly express your support and interest,” the message said.

They eventually experienced severe internet criticism, which presumably caused them to break up.

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