“Main Toh Sehmat Nahi Ho Sakti Hu,” Saira Banu says in response to Zeenat Aman’s live-in advice after Mumtaz

Mumtaz criticized Zeenat Aman for her article endorsing live-in partnerships, pointing out that Zeenat’s own marriage was inconsistent. Saira Banu has now spoken her opinions on the subject, claiming that the live-in notion offends her and that her values date back decades.

Saira Banu said, “We are very old-fashioned people, but I don’t read much and I don’t really follow what they (Mumtaz and Zeenat) are saying,” in an interview with Hindustan Times. 40–50 saal pehle ka (years ago) is our pattern.

Live-in partnerships were supported by Zeenat Aman, however Saira Banu is adamantly against the concept, finding it “unimaginable and unacceptable.” She said, “I can never agree with this statement. Iss baat se main toh sehmat nahi ho sakti hu kabhi bhi.” That is not the kind of live-in relationship I would ever support. It’s something that I find intolerable and incomprehensible.

Zeenat Aman discussed live-in relationships in an Instagram post. She suggested living together before getting married if one is in a relationship, she remarked in response to a commenter who had sought for relationship advice in her most recent article. “In the comments section of my previous post, one of you asked me for relationship advice,” the author said. This is just my own perspective, which I haven’t expressed before: if you’re in a relationship, I really advise you to live together before getting married.

Mumtaz addressed Zeenat Aman’s dating advice on Instagram during an interview with the entertainment site Zoom. Zeenat should exercise caution while giving counsel, Mumtaz said, particularly in light of her own difficult marriage to Mazhar Khan. Mumtaz said, “Zeenat needs to use caution while following her advice. She has suddenly become really famous on social media, and I can see her joy at appearing like a hip aunt. But growing your following doesn’t mean you have to provide advice that goes against our moral principles. Take Zeenat as an example. Aap Zeenat ko hi le lo misaal ke taur par. Before she married Mazhar Khan, she had known him for years. Her union was an agony on earth. She ought to be the last person offering relationship counsel.

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