Voters Can Learn More About Their Political Representatives by Visiting This Website

Phase 1 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is scheduled to begin on April 19. There will be seven stages to it. On June 4, the results will be made public. On April 19, Tamil Nadu will have elections. In a democracy, elections are one of the most significant occasions because they allow the people to choose the leaders they want. However, how will the public learn about their leaders and whose constituency each candidate is running from?

100% voter registration is crucial for elections. Selecting and supporting the appropriate candidate is also crucial. Most voters cast their ballots without being aware of the candidates running for office. It is our right as voters to choose a representative who can effectively represent the interests of the people in the Parliament and find answers to their problems.

A few crucial pieces of information that every voter has to know are: who is the candidate and what constituency are they running in? How much is their property worth? Which town are they from? Do they have a history of crimes? Or, in any event, was the candidate ever proven guilty and convicted? This will make choosing the best representation easier. A candidate must include all of the aforementioned details in their nomination form that they submit to the Election Commission before to elections.

There will also be a list of names, and clicking on any of them will bring up all of their information as well as a copy of the affidavit that was filed with the Election Commission.

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