After being ejected from the Mets game with his promoter, Ryan Garcia takes his “fight” to social media

Legendary boxer Ryan Garcia became entangled in controversy on Tuesday during a much-anticipated ceremony at Citi Field concerning the New York Mets and his impending fight with Devin Haney, according to the Daily Mail. Garcia and Haney were supposed to throw the ceremonial first pitches during the Mets-Pirates game, but they were unceremoniously removed off the field just before play started. Garcia responded angrily to this choice made by the baseball club, taking to social media to voice his displeasure.

In a video that he posted to social media, Garcia expressed his disappointment at the Mets’ last-minute cancellation of their participation, flanked by his promoter Oscar De La Hoya. In the video, Garcia said, “Yo guys, the Mets just wasted three hours of our life.” “To declare at the conclusion, for whatever reason, ‘You can’t throw the pitch.’” They expelled us for no apparent cause.” His statement, “‘m personally gonna say f**k the Mets,” and his exhortation to his supporters to boycott Mets games going forward only served to highlight his dissatisfaction with the team.

Garcia had entered the stadium and practiced his throwing form before being led from the property, according to the Daily Mail [source]. He also bragged about how good he was, saying he could throw “a hundred mile-per-hour, two hundred mile-per-hour fastball.”

After the first video, Garcia kept expressing his complaints on social networking site X, complaining about the disparity in security measures between him and Haney. He lamented that, while Haney was traveling with a large group, he was only allowed a small security detail and two members of his film team.

In a different tweet, Garcia expressed his support for the New York Yankees, the Mets’ crosstown rivals, saying, “GO YANKEES.”

In the middle of the controversy surrounding Garcia’s fight with the Mets, questions about the boxer’s health have been raised, made worse by his recent enigmatic social media posts. Fans have speculated about Garcia because of his mysterious postings, which include assertions that he was killed and that ‘the elites’ at Bohemian Grove were holding him hostage.

Garcia continued his bizarre series of predictions, predicting an earthquake that would supposedly “destroy” Las Vegas and Hollywood. In addition, he denigrated Elon Musk, calling the tech billionaire the Antichrist.

The fight between the two boxers earlier in the day may have been the catalyst for the Mets’ decision to cancel Garcia and Haney’s involvement in the ceremonial first pitch, but other reports indicate that tensions may have been building before the fight. A brawl is said to have broken out following a confrontation at the Empire State Building. Garcia claims that Haney shoved him, which caused him to claim that the incident was hateful because he is a woman.