Kiwi Woman Dies at Australian Retreat From Drink Ingestion; Police Check Whether She Took Magic Mushrooms

Over the weekend, two people who had drunk alcohol at a retreat close to the Australian city of Ballarat were hospitalized and one lady died. Moorabool police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death at Clunes on Sunday.

The lady was from New Zealand, according to a Radio New Zealand story. Her name is Rachael Dixon, and she is a Southland resident of Riverton, Melbourne.

It is thought that just after 12 a.m., a lady at a retreat on Fraser Street started feeling unwell after drinking. The Ringwood North resident, 53, passed away instantly. Two other individuals were taken to the hospital for observation,” Sky Australia cited a police spokeswoman as saying.

According to the officer, they are investigating whether mushrooms were included in the beverage. Additionally, the police spokeswoman informed news organizations that Rachael Dixon’s death’s cause is still unknown.

The retreat she was attending bills itself as a holistic and alternative medical facility. The lady was reportedly visiting the Soul Barn retreat, according to Australian broadcasters ABC News and Radio New Zealand.

The retreat’s officials informed 7 News Melbourne that a “external facilitator” oversaw the session that Dixon consumed the drink during.

“Workshop rooms are rented by Soul Barn to other companies and facilitators. The April 13 event was a private gathering, and the people organizing it are not affiliated with or employees of Soul Barn in any way. At no time throughout this event were any of our regular staff members, facilitators, or therapists in attendance. In a statement obtained by 7 News Melbourne, Soul Barn stated, “We share the shock and devastation of everyone involved, and our hearts are with those families affected.”

According to the news agency, Dixon had a heart attack, and the case is not being handled by murder police.

Australia made history in July 2023 when it approved the use of psychedelic therapies for individuals suffering from depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

MDMA, sometimes referred to as ecstasy, may now be prescribed for PTSD by licensed and recognized medical professionals. Psilocybin, the primary ingredient in “magic” mushrooms, is now accessible for those with depression that is resistant to therapy.

In a moving statement, her son, Matthew Mountain paid tribute to his mother on social media. “I am very grateful for all you have done for me and for your unwavering support. I really don’t know how much I will miss you. I will always love you, Mountain said.

In the meanwhile, a professional who spoke with Sky News Australia denied that the 53-year-old mother, who was also a personal trainer, died as a result of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

According to Sky News Australia, Dr. Alistair McTaggart, who has spent more than ten years studying the genetics and evolution of fungi, magic mushrooms produce psilocybin, which binds to serotonin receptors and is non-toxic. In contrast, mushrooms containing compounds like amatoxin or aflatoxins are known to be toxic or fatal to humans.

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