Lyndell Mays, the gunman at the Kansas City parade, claims he was “just being stupid.” Mom established GoFundMe, which was removed

Dominic Miller, 18, and Lyndell Mays, 23, who were both shot and injured during the event, have been named as the two individuals who have been charged with murder for the shooting that occurred during the Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City. At a news conference, Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said that Miller and Mays had been charged with second-degree murder, two charges of armed criminal action, and illegal use of a firearm, as reported by the BBC. Miller is thought to have been the one who fatally shot 43-year-old Lisa Lopez Galvan.

According to court records, Mays said that when he “advanced” on a different group of individuals he was arguing with before to the shooting, he was “just being stupid.” According to a probable cause statement obtained by the New York Post, Mays got into an altercation with a group of people when he was at the march with two pals.

“Just being foolish.”
Amidst the altercation, Mays started chasing someone and fired at him. Others were motivated to do the same by this. Mays acknowledged pulling out his own pistol and pulling the trigger, claiming he did so because he believed his female buddy was about to be shot.

Mays attested that he pulled out his pistol first. He began firing because they shouted, “I’m going to get you,” which meant, to him, “I’m going to kill you,” according to the documents. Mays said that only after he fired did the other people begin to shoot.

Mays said, “Stupid, man,” in response to the investigators’ question on why he “advanced with them to begin with.” just took out a rifle and began firing. It wasn’t right of me to do that. Simply being foolish.

Lyndell Mays’ GoFundMe page
Mays’ mother, meanwhile, started a GoFundMe page for him, stating that he was going through a “tragic time.” The online fundraiser was made by Teneal Burnside, who also included images of Mays recuperating from nine gunshot wounds while lying in a hospital bed. Later, the GoFundMe was removed.

The now-deleted fundraiser said, “He is in the ICU fighting for a recovery from several surgeries after going to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration with his older sister.” “Having multiple gunshots during a time that was meant to bring immense joy to a great number of people has caused pain and sorrow to everyone present,” the statement said.

Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said that further charges could be brought as a result of the continuing investigation into the incident.

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